Kefalis solution

SENSOTEX ® is an advanced fabric created by Togas Innovations. This new material is made of eucalyptus fiber and infused with a special solution, Kefalis, that we created using the algae extract from the Ionian Sea.

This treatment increases the silkiness of the fibers by 30%, makes them stronger by 10% and less shrinkable by 20%


We selected the fabrics from natural eucalyptus fibers as the basis for Sensotex. They are hypoallergenic, breathable and hygroscopic, having excellent thermal conductivity and shape retention and don’t have static electricity build-up.

SENSOTEX ®infused with Kefalis is easy-care and has increased strength and longevity. The eucalyptus oil such fabrics contain is beneficial for people with breathing problems.

Climate control

Eucalyptus fiber has high thermal insulation otherwise known as "natural climate control". SENSOTEX ® fabrics keep you refreshingly cool in any environment regardless of the season.

This is also facilitated by the active mechanisms of absorption and release of excessive moisture – the porous structure of eucalyptus fiber allows items made from SENSOTEX ® to literally breathe.

Gentleness of silk

SENSOTEX ® fabrics are lightweight and soft, like silk. One of the reasons we were working on the Kefalis solution was to obtain a material similar to silk, which is the pinnacle of textile art. At the same time we wanted the production to require fewer natural resources as it does to obtain silk.

As a result, we have achieved our goal: the combination of selected eucalyptus raw materials and the innovative Kefalis infusion does wonders.

Natural materials need synthetic components to acquire these properties, while the SENSOTEX ® already contains all these properties by itself.